Our diaper bag and what’s inside it…

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time now.

I have 3 diaper bags. The SkipHop Duo Double Deluxe and the Vera Bradley Weekender (not the diaper bag bag) and the smaller Skip Hop Duo.

I started out using the SkipHop bags, but wound up switching to the Vera-Weekender. They both have tons of room in them. I think most people resort to the typical ‘diaper bag’. One that is made just for that and don’t look at regular old satchels and travel bags. Usually they are cheaper… and the material seems to give  a little more.

Anyway, on to what’s in my bag.

4 Pairs of Pants, 2 long sleeve play outfits/sleepers, 2 long sleeve onesies, 1 short sleeve onesie, 2 pairs of socks, 2 bonnet/hats
disposable bibs and misc cloths, ready to use nipples, ready to feed formula (I usually have 6-8 of the 8oz bottles), 1-2 servings of powdered formula, pacifier wipes, (9) bibs (we go through them so fast), plastic baggies to wrap dirty/wet stuff in
(10) diapers, entire pack of baby wipes, blue suction thingy, baby lotion, Vaseline, Desitin, Thermometer, Little Fevers medicine
This is everything pictured above, including a heavy blanket, receiving blanket, toys and a changing pad (that also has wipes IN it)
There is a lot of room on the inside along with 4 large pockets.This is where I keep all the formula and other bottles and things that might get lost otherwise.
In the main part of the inside, I put all the clothes, diapers and etc... There is still a lot of room left on top of that stuff.
On top of the clothes/diapers I put the blankets and there is still lots of room to spare. I usually stick my purse in there.
On the front of the bag are 2 large pockets. This is where I keep the girls toys and other misc items including my digi cam and flip recorder.
On the bag of the bag is a large zippered pocket that runs the length of the bag. I put more misc items here, including small items like their socks and snacks for Mom and Dad
And this is what the bag looks like full. Changing pad connected to my short shoulder straps. Also, the bag has a big zipper that closes up the large interior.

I really love this bag. To me, it was totally worth the price I paid for it (about $90 at the time). The great thing is that these bags have certain colors/patterns that are on sale. Right now there are a few options for this bag in a different pattern running for $70+ including the pattern that I have. Cheaper than the SkipHop and it’s also cheaper than the Vera Diaper Bag bag!!

NOTE — What I say about the bag itself, is purely my opinion. No one paid me or offered me anything to write it. I’m not a pusher … so I’m not trying to get anyone to buy anything. The main reason for this post is because I belong to a bunch of Mom’s of Multiples message boards and one of the questions that always seems to be flying around is , “What diaper bag do you use?”. And now I can just link back to this entry instead of writing all my thoughts over and over. :-)

Thanks for reading! –

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  1. Coco says:

    Okay, that’s really cute! Really cute. :)